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Sandmaster Pro

Sandmaster Pro

Sandmaster Pro is the most technologically advanced dustless sandblasting machine. It is equipped with a complex system of double separation of abrasive and dust filtration with filter cleaning to dust tank.

It is recommended for large companies and for customers who value high comfort and work efficiency. The machine is equipped with the best accessories which ensures long life of the machine and no failures. Technological advancement of this machine is a result of many years of the manufacturer in the business. Consequently, the sandblasting machine ensures top quality and the highest efficiency of sandblasting. The decompression system makes the work even more comfortable.

Technical specifications

working pressure     1÷4 bar

recommended working pressure     2,5 bar

air requirement     nozzle: 5 mm to 800 l/ min

suction engine power     2 kW

recommended abrasive     40’ fused alumina

weight of abrasive     40kg

weight of the machines     150 kg

overall dimensions of the machine     1000x600x1600mm


high efficiency
very good working effectiveness
the sensor of maximum abrasive level
pneumatic system of filter dust off
advanced structure
easy to dismantle and to transport
environmentally friendly
cyclone system of separation and filtration
electro-pneumatic control system

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