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Technologie dla branży kamieniarskiej.


ABRA Dealers Wanted!

I would like to introduce our company to you and discuss with you how you can become an authorized ABRA dealer. Currently, we are looking for people like you: persons in the mortuary or memorial industry who want to sell high quality memorial products. Our products are a great value for your customer and our partnership structure will allow you to expand your own business and share in what we believe will be a highly profitable relationship.

Our company ABRA focus on offering the most technologically advanced machines and devices for stone processing which are both user and environmentally friendly. We are located in Poland, city Opole.

However, our products are in high demand and so we are looking to expand our market share and presence. As our ambitions grow, so does our need for dealers to assist us enter new markets and stake out new territory.

As a part of our expansion efforts we have contacted you and hope you join our team as an authorized dealer to help us promote one of the most respected names in the stone processing industry, ABRA.

What does an ABRA dealership program have to offer you?

- Competitive pricing on all products, which is not dependent on your size or volume as an authorized dealer;

- Four week delivery or less on standard orders;

- Prompt and accurate shipments;

- Offline and online marketing programs;

To introduce yourself to us and take the first step towards becoming an authorized dealer, please contact us, we will follow-up with you promptly.

Please also visit our dealer support and product sales website at http://abra.pl/en/for more information and to view our complete line of products.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,
Tomasz Czekaj