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Tomb cliparts

Tomb cliparts

Catalogues of Tomb Cliparts is a collection of the most beautiful and unique images designed for stone plants. Cliparts have been designed by experienced Polish artists who deal with this special type of activity.

Our offer includes six parts of the Catalogues of Tomb Cliparts on CD. Each CD includes images available in a few most popular vector formats so that it is possibile to use them in each and every graphic software

Everyone who will choose this Catalogue will extend his/her offer by the collection of cliparts that can be very often found in cemeteries as well as by the collection of those more unique ones. It will certainly allow to improve competitiveness and  attractiveness of your offer.


KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.1

KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.2

KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.3

KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.4

KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.5

KKN_smallTomb cliparts v.6

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