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Sandmaster Junior Plus

Sandmaster Junior Plus

Sandmaster Junior pressure sandblasting machine is highly effective and, at the same time, relatively cheap in use.  It is equipped with an electro-pneumatic control system.

Sandmaster Junior is a sandblasting machine with a closed abrasive circuit designed for stream-abrasive processing. Closed circuit prevents harmful dust from going outside the sandblasting area. Thanks to that, work without special protections is possible. Owing to simple structure and low air requirement, this sandblasting machine is surprisingly cheap in use. The machine allows for making lettering and images on any material with the use of a special foil. The machine is equipped with a cyclone system of separation and filtration. The fact that it has an electro-pneumatic control system and pnaumatic system of shaking off the dust from filter makes it different from Sandmaster Junior.

Technical specifications

working pressure     1÷4 bar

recommended working pressure     2,5 bar

air requirement (4mm nozzle)     ca. 550 l/ min

suction engine power     1200 W

recommended abrasive     40’ fused alumina

weight of abrasive     25 kg

weight of the machine     40 kg

overall dimensions of the machine     500x400x1400mm


electro-pneumatic sanblasting control system
low air requirement
pneumatic system of filter dust off
very good working effectiveness
simple structure
Easy to dismantle and to transport
Cheap in use
Environment- and user-friendly
cyclone system of separation and filtration

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