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Sandblasting foils

Sandblasting foils

Hard 0,25 sandblast film

folia 0,25

0,25-thick sandblast film. Because of its thickness it is used mainly for sandblasting glass or for delicate and shallow sandblasting in stone as a covering foil.

Colour: sea-green
Roll dimensions: 0,61 x 20,0 m

Hard 0,4 sandblast film

folia 0,4This is the most popular film for sandblasting in stone. Its characteristic feature is plasticity which ensures high comfort and work efficiency. It does not require using special knives in plotters. This product has excellent durability parameters which allow for deep sandblasting. It also has an excellent adhesive layer.

colour: grey.
roll dimensions: 0,61 x 20 m.

Hard 0,45 sandblast film

folia 0,45Sandblast film for sandblasting in stone recommended for demanding users who want to sandblast quickly and deeply. It has an excellent adgesive layer and has high resistance to  low temperatures.

colour: dark green.
roll dimensions: 0,61 x 20 m.

Hard 0,55 sandblast film

folia 0,55

0,55 mm thick film for extremely deep sandblasting. Very attractive high quality product, has very good durability parameters, much better than other types of films.

colour: black.
roll dimensions: 0,61 x 20 m.


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