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Photomaster MINI

Photomaster MINI

Photomaster MINI is a smaller, but more mobile equivalent of PHOTOMASTER.  It can move any image onto the surface of a hard material (stone, glass, metal, etc.) maintaining a very high quality.

Photomaster MINI is one of the most innovative and precise engraving machines with highly advanced automation of settings and engraving process control. It was built on the basis of PHOTOMASTER in order to increase the mobility of this machine. Its greatest advantage is the possibility of working outside in a vertical position. It will surely satisfy expectations of professionals who want to ensure the highest possible quality of their services for their customers. Its resolution (0,1 mm) allows for obtaining unparalleled detail of images.

What is also very important is the possibility to connect with computer via USB port and its compatibility with the most popular operating systems. It all makes the operation of the machine easy and intuitive. Photomaster is a multi-use machine – cutting tool can be fully adjusted and the only limit for the operator is the size of the machine.

As one of the few, we developed software which adjusts the impact of a stylus to a given tone in the greyscale. It means that Photomaster is now able to engrave given elements with various force which allowed to improve such engraving parameters as depth of picture, clearer halftones, small graphic details, that is clothes pattern, jewellery, eyes, wrinkles, etc.

Technical specifications

power supply      230 V

working area range     50 cm x 60 cm

possibility to change working area size     yes (on request)

max. mechanical resolution of the device     0,1 mm

additional information     machine works horizontally

weight of the machine      30 kg

dimensions of the machine      720 mm x 800 mm

additional equipment     machine can be adapted to vertical work


complex software for preparing images compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,
stage contact force of the device (greyscale)
control panel with working area (online),
working parameters adjustment: pitch and speed of the tool,
machine can work with any computer by means of USB port,
engraving letters as well as handwriting (prepared as a bitmap) is possible,
engraves on stone, glass, metal,
the head engraves in reciprocating movement,
small size,
mobile work is possible.

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