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Crusher Plus

Crusher Plus

We offer the Crusher Plus crushers series, which help managing waste products in Your company.

The Crusher Plus is new in our offer. The need for this type of machinery on the European market has grown significantly in the previous years. The Crusher Plusallows exploitation of stone proccessing waste. Its dimensions allow crushing larger and thicker waste after production of tombstones, tops, flagstones, floorings or cobblestones. The formed granulate may be used for construction or ornamentation. It is also perfect for covering garden or cemetary paths , creating tombstone ornaments or mounding driveways. Furthermore, processing 50 tons a day allows using industrial exploitation of the formed material widening our offer.

Technical specifications

Motor power     7,5 kW

Voltage     380V/50HZ

Daily output     50 T/day

Max. material thickness     6 cm

Output size     0-6 x 0-6 cm

Feeding size     10 x 25 cm

Weight     950 kg

Outside size     200 x 80 x 120 cm


Cheap exploatation
Simple Construction
An attractive price
Versatility of work
Stable work
Maximum daily processing

Crushmaster 60 from Abra on Vimeo.

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