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AUTOBLASTER CNC - automatic table for sandblasting

AUTOBLASTER CNC - automatic table for sandblasting

AUTOBLASTER CNC table is designed for automatic sandblasting of tombstones while connecting an electronically controlled sandblasting machine. Technological solutions used in this device allow, among others, for large-size sandblasting without the need to change settings, for controlling by means of a cordless manipulator or for sandblasting uneven, not levelled surfaces.

Moreover, the attached software allows for friendly and ergonomic use of the device which, after being programmed, does not require any additional intervention from the operator. All processing parameters and the parameters of the device are shown on the computer. Autoblaster CNC together with a proper sandblasting machine automatically controls the filter cleaning system and the abrasive level which reduces the operator's activity only to adding the abrasive and removing dust. The device does not require any special knowledge and skills from the operator which are indispensable in case of traditional sandblasting of letters.

Technical data

power     stepper engines 16A

working area     1100 x 1200 mm (optionally 1600 x 1200 mm)

sendblasting     requires connection the sandblasting machine to the electronic control

control     by PC, laptop or touchscreen

supply     400 V / 50 Hz

machine dimensions     2000 x 1600 x 2000 mm

weight     250 kg


Full automation of sandblasting  processes in one device
Reports about the lack of abrasive in the sandblasting machine
(thanks to the abrasive level sensor)
Software governing the work of the table and the sandblasting machine
Automatic control of the whole sandblasting process
Possibility of multi-area sandblasting
Numerical control of Z axis allowing for sandblasting multi-layered
High maneuvering speed, even up to 20 cm/s
Remote service via the Internet
Attached software
Possibility to install a video camera which lets the machine work in
an isolated place
Possibility to adjust the table to any dustless sandblasting machine
which has specific parameters
No skills required from the operator
Repetition of operations

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